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Wood-Mizer offers a complete line of portable and industrial sawmills, resaws, edgers, kilns, log splitters, material handling equipment, bandsaw blades and blade maintenance equipment for forestry and timber professionals all over the world.

Founded in 1982 by Don Laskowski and Dan Tekulve Headquarters in Indiana, USA and Kolo, Poland Timber processing products offered throughout the world Manufactures bandsaw blades and blade maintenance equipment Capable of sawing any type of wood species Trusted by 70,000 sawmillers and counting.


Wood-Mizer was founded in 1982 by Don Laskowski and Dan Tekulve when their groundbreaking idea was developed to make converting logs to timber a safe and efficient one-person job. With the innovation of a portable band sawmill and thin-kerf blade technology, Wood-Mizer sawmill equipment allowed anyone to process wood economically and a revolution began for wood producers around the world.

Wood-Mizer founders Don Laskowski (left) and Dan Tekulve
Wood-Mizer founders Don Laskowski (left) and Dan Tekulve.
Don Laskowski operates a sawmill.
Don Laskowski operates a sawmill.


Trusted by 70,000 Timber Processors Worldwide
For more than 30 years, Wood-Mizer has earned the reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer of portable band sawmills with more than 70,000 bandmills sold in 120 countries around the globe. With branch offices located on five continents and more than 100 authorized distributors worldwide, Wood-Mizer is committed to global customer success with sawmill equipment that will successfully mill any type of wood species from softwoods to extreme hardwoods. “I do not think that there is a country in the world that does not have at least one of our sawmills,” said Richard Vivers, Wood-Mizer Chairman.

Wood-Mizer equips the modern timber processor with smarter products that increase profitability and promote sustainability. “People are much more aware of the need to conserve and maintain forest cover,” said Vivers. “They are realizing how important it is for the environment and preserving the resource for the future. We want to play our part in that as well.” The Wood-Mizer portable line of sawmills and wood processing equipment provide a wide range of opportunities for small businesses and individuals including foresters, arborists, woodworkers, and farmers. They are actively growing their local economies, creating jobs, and improving living standards in all corners of the world.

In addition, Wood-Mizer industrial sawmills and smart log processing lines are capable of commercial-level production, while still leveraging the inherent advantages of the thin-kerf blades – lower operational costs and higher yield from every log. “I very firmly believe that Wood-Mizer is a very viable method of cutting logs into sawn timber,” said Vivers. “It is an easy, low-energy and ecologically friendly method of sawmilling. You can have a small, one-man business or you can build into a very large business.”

Wood-Mizer provides the modern timber processor with portable and industrial sawmilling equipment for turning logs into timber profitably and efficiently.


The Wood-Mizer Family
Wood-Mizer is committed to customer and employee success, putting compassion and faith at the forefront of the operation and committing themselves to providing high-quality equipment that makes a positive difference in people’s lives. “As you get to know Wood-Mizer, you’ll find we not only have the best technology, but we also strive to build a relationship with our customers,” said Vivers. As a 100% employee-owned company, we believe that each and every mill owner is an extension of our Wood-Mizer family – a philosophy that makes customers feel right at home.

Employee-owned, Wood-Mizer treats their customers and employees like family.


Timber Processing Begins with the Blade
In addition to the industry leading portable sawmill equipment line, Wood-Mizer manufactures a wide range of bandsaw blades to cut any species of timber in any part of the world. From economical carbon-steel blades for continuous production sawing to premium and durable carbide-tipped and bi-metal blades, Wood-Mizer blades provide versatility, performance, and quality for all timber sawing applications. Wood-Mizer manufactures more than 10,000 miles of blades for the worldwide market each year with a dedication to quality engineering.

Wood-Mizer is a sawmill manufacturer that also produces blades.


Modern Manufacturing
Modern manufacturing facilities in Batesville, Indiana USA, Indianapolis, Indiana USA and Kolo, Poland guarantee maximum quality at an affordable price anywhere in the world. Premium steel and the highest quality components are paramount to the Wood-Mizer product line. Lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement in all departments constantly find new ways for improving processes, quality, and speed. Stringent quality control and constant improvement are implemented in every step of manufacturing, from initial conception and development to final assembly of every individual product.

“We have a broader mission than just producing machinery and selling them. We have a commitment to both our customers and the environment. We have a dream to provide an alternative to the more traditional methods of sawing logs,” said Vivers. “What started as a germ of an idea is beginning to be quite significant and I think the Wood-Mizer model is being taken seriously by the established traditional sawmilling industry. I think we have earned that.”

Manufacturing in the United States and Poland guarantee maximum quality products at an affordable price anywhere in the world.

Stringent quality control and constant improvement are implemented in every step of the manufacturing process.
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