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Wood-Mizer Sawmills Help Cultivating Growth and Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan

Ciqam Green Solutions is an organization that operates in the scenic Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan. Named after the Burushaski word for "green," Ciqam is committed to sustainability and gender equality, empowering women in Pakistan by challenging traditional roles. Starting as an NGO and with backing from the Norwegian embassy, Ciqam acquired Wood-Mizer equipment, growing into an independent business. Today, Ciqam stands as a symbol of women's resilience and contribution to their communities and economy.

Constructing a Unique Wooden Chapel on a Connecticut Farm

Farm owners Bill Finnegan and Amy Finnegan along with their friend, Jon Scott, used a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill to mill trees from their farm and build the stunning Trinity Knot Chapel in Connecticut as a place to thank God for their blessings.

Sawmilling and Woodworking for Education in Wisconsin

Located in Northern Wisconsin, in the small town of Antigo, Travis Allen and Logan Wells have dedicated their talents to teaching sawmilling and woodworking at Northcentral Technical College (NTC). In doing so, Travis and Logan have set their sights on educating and preparing the next generation of woodworkers and forest products professionals.

Sustainable Logging and Sawmilling in Sandy, Oregon

Chuck Vance has spent the last thirty years shaping his 39 acres of forest near Sandy, Oregon. Chuck’s forest can provide enough logs each year to sustainably support his sawmill, benefiting his environmental goals and his community’s goals as well. Through those years he has sequestered more than 50 million pounds of CO2 equivalent in greenhouse gases.

Reclaiming Urban Timber in Pennsylvania

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Manayunk Timber is a family-owned and operated urban sawmill that uses their Wood-Mizer portable sawmill to preserve the city’s rich history.

Recycling Timber from Treetops to Tabletops in Sydney

Located in Yagoona, New South Wales, Australia, Bass Mahmood and his team at Aus Arbor use a Wood-Mizer LT15WIDE portable sawmill to recycle trees destined for removal into usable timber.

Milling Eucalyptus in the South Island of New Zealand

The northern region of New Zealand’s South Island is home to a temperate climate with good rainfall – creating the perfect condition for rapid growth in the plantation forestry industry. In 2012, Justin Wells saw an opportunity in milling local tree species, and Logs 2 Lumber began.

Sawmilling on the Side in the Whitsunday Region of Queensland

Craig and Janelle Yeomans of Whitsunday Timber in Cannon Valley, Queensland, Australia, use their Wood-Mizer portable sawmill to help neighboring residents and businesses make use of the area’s valuable natural resources.

Building Wooden Toy Cars for Operation Christmas Child

Ken Postema, My Wood-Mizer Project Contest award-winner and woodworker from Michigan, USA uses his Wood-Mizer portable sawmill and planer/moulder to build tens of thousands of wooden toy cars for Operation Christmas Child.

Salvage Sawmilling and Furniture Making in Victoria

The Wood Project is a salvage sawmilling business started by Sarah and Nath Worth in Victoria, Australia. Starting out primarily as a firewood business, Sarah and Nath added a Wood-Mizer LT50 WIDE hydraulic portable sawmill and a wood drying kiln to their operation and now produce furniture and other finished timber products.

Sawmilling Island Specialty Timbers in Tasmania

Island Specialty Timbers in Tasmania, Australia, utilize an LT70 Super Hydraulic portable sawmill and other wood processing equipment to ensure that customers enjoy all the benefits of the unique wood species growing on the island.

Australian Sawmill Provides Timber for Rural Properties

Select-A-Fence located in New South Wales, provides property development and timber construction for people who are escaping to the country or need a property upgrade for their rural Australian lifestyle.

Building 600 Homes in Fiji After Cyclone Winston

After the Southern Hemisphere’s most-powerful cyclone hit the Fijian islands in 2016, a group of dedicated missionaries and volunteers traveled from Montana, Alabama, Tennessee, Iowa, Oregon, and California to begin an extensive rebuilding project that resulted in more than 600 homes built for dozens of Fijian island communities.

Building Churches and Schools in Papua New Guinea

Missionary Jesse Pryor returned to Papua New Guinea where he was born and raised to build churches, schools, and medical facilities for the local community in the remote jungle.

Urban Sawmilling in Hawaii

Established in 2010 as a collaboration between an ISA Certified Arborist and a sustainable building consultant, Josh Greenspan and Alex Woodbury of Kamuela Hardwoods save logs from the landfill to create locally-sourced, high-quality, salvaged lumber for islander woodworkers, builders, and instrument makers in their Hawaiian community.

Crafting Fine Handmade Furniture in Tasmania

Recognized as one of Tasmania’s finest wood furniture craftsmen, fourth generation woodworker Craig Howard turns sustainable sourced timber into handmade furniture in Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart.

Sawmilling Native Timbers in Tasmania

Tasmanian Native Timbers is a boutique family-owned sawmill and timber supply business based in the Northwest of Tasmania, Australia. Our sawmill had been operated at the same location for more than ten years when we took over the business from the previous owner. It has been run by the Bird family including myself, Helen and Nelson for just over 3 years.

One LT15 Produces Timber for 50,000 Beehives in Zambia

Developed by missionary philanthropist John Enright, a co-op style honey initiative, is taking off in Zambia, and improving lives for the 10,000 individuals already involved.

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