EG50 Single Blade Edger

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The EG50 is an entry-level single blade board edger with one 10" (254 mm) carbide-tipped blade, 10HP gas engine, 2 ¼" (57.15 mm) max board thickness and 12" (304.8 mm) max finished board width.
Description EG50 Single Blade Edger
Edging on your mill is certainly an option, but it monopolizes your mill’s time, keeping your mill away from what it does best: sawing. With the EG50 Single Blade Board Edger, you can saw and edge your flitches all in-line without ever having to set them down and pick them up again.
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Specifications EG50 Single Blade Edger
Power Selections
Power Selections 10HP petrol
Cutting Capacities
Min Width of Cut 50 mm (2")
Max. Material Thickness 57mm (2.25")
Blade Speed (RPM) 3750 RPM
Number of Blades 1
Shaft Size 15.88mm (5/8")
Blade Diameter 250 mm (10")
Blade Kerf 3.2 mm (.125")
Blade Adjustment Method Manual Lever
Blade position Fixed on left side
Feed System & Operation
Feed Speed 0 - 14 m/min (0 - 46 ft/min)
9 m/min (30 ft/min) Petrol Version
Board Kickback Prevention Anti Kick-back fingers
Straight Edge Board Fence Adjustable Board Fence
Material Hold-down Hold-down rollers
MultiRip Function N/A
Operator Controls Control Panel
Setworks N/A
Feed System Manual Push
Machine Dimensions & Requirements
Sawdust collection port diameter N/A
Width 914mm (36")
Electrical Requirements N/A
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