KD250 Dehumidification Wood Kiln

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High-quality dehumidification wood kiln for controlled lumber drying of 1,500 to 4,000 board feet.
Description KD250 Dehumidification Wood Kiln
If you think high quality lumber drying is too complicated or expensive, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with the KD250. Now you can dry your own lumber down to 6-8% moisture content for pennies per board foot. With up to 4,000 board foot capacity, the KD250 includes auxiliary heating, two 16" ( 406.4 mm), 1/4 HP circulating fans, prewired electrical panel, manual over temperature vents, four wood moisture probes, and controls that display temperature and humidity by the most accurate method known with wet bulb and dry bulb sensing.*Chamber not included. Call for details about different chamber options that may fit your needs.
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Specifications KD250 Dehumidification Wood Kiln
Drying Capacities
Drying Time Varies depending upon wood species
Load Capacity 1,500-4,000 bd ft
Features & Operation
Auxillary Electric Heat 4,000 watts
Circulating Fans 2 included: 40cm(16”) diameter .2kW (1/4 hp)
Compressor Nominal HP 1.5kW (2 HP)
Internal Blower Motor HP .2kW (1/4 HP)
Operational Costs Varies depending upon wood species
Over Temperature Vents Two manual vents included Powered Vent Included
Temperature Range 20°-50°C (70°-120°F)
Dimensions & Requirements
Height .94m (37")
Length .95m (37 1/2")
Width .52m (20 1/2")
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