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Description Log Deck Package

Efficient Log Handling System for Manual Portable Sawmills

Upgrade your Wood-Mizer LT28, LT35, or LT40 manual portable sawmill with an efficient log handling system that includes a manual winch, steel claw log turner, and two toeboards. The Log Deck Package will assist in loading, turning, and leveling logs on your sawmill. Each item of the log deck package is also available for purchase separately although the steel claw log turner requires the manual winch to operate.


  • Compatible with Wood-Mizer LT28, LT35 Manual (2011 and newer), and LT40 Manual (1987 and newer) model portable sawmills
  • Efficiently load, turn, and level logs on your sawmill with the manual winch, steel claw log turner, and two toeboards
  • Improve ease of operation and decrease overall operator fatigue by reducing the physical requirements to manually load, turn, and level logs on your woodlot or sawmill


Manual Winch
Easily mounted to the end of the sawmill, the manual winch allows a single operator to load logs weighing several thousand pounds onto the sawmill bed. Simply run the winch cable over the log and hook it to the sawmill. When the winch is cranked, the log rolls up the log loading ramps onto the sawmill bed.

Claw Turner
The steel claw log turner is used in conjunction with the manual winch to efficiently rotate logs on the sawmill.

Log Leveling Toeboards
Two log leveling toeboards are mounted to the sawmill bed’s front and rear cross sections in order to lift either end of a tapered log by using a simple hand crank. This allows the grain of the wood to be cut parallel with the bed.

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