MP100 Moulder / Planer

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Plane and mould high quality finished beams

Plane and mould high quality finished beams

Description MP100 Moulder / Planer

Expand your business with the MP100 and begin the production of moulded/planed timber products. The MP100 is a specialized moulder head that planes rough wood surfaces smooth and moulds patterns to create columns or interlocking beams.

The MP100 uses the same log bed as the LT15 sawmill, and they can be used together or separately. The MP100 head can be added to an existing LT15 sawmill and logs can be processed into a finished product without ever leaving the sawmill bed. After the log has been squared with the LT15 sawmill, the MP100 can then mould or plane it into the final product.

The MP100 model uses a manual crank system for adjusting the head height as well as moving the head along the track.

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Specifications MP100 Moulder / Planer
1-sided Moulding or Thicknessing Capacity
Max. Width - 1 Sided Planing 410mm (16")
Features & Options
Number of Horizontal Cutters 1
Power Feed
Feed Motor Manual Push
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