StartCUT Bandsaw Blades

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StartCUT sawmill blade type is currently the most economical bandsaw blade for sawmills and resaws

Description StartCUT Bandsaw Blades

StartCUT bandsaw blades are being manufactured from carbon steel with focus on their quality – prioritizing high standard of technical parameters. These cutting tools are being sold with induction hardened teeth that are set and sharpened. StartCUT sawmill blade type is currently the most economical blades in Wood-Mizer offer which provides competitive price alongside adequate cutting results.

"There is a vast group of customers whose choice is based on the blade cost. StartCUT is the best blade in this case. StartCUT has been tested in many countries and has proven to meet customers’ expectations", says Krzysztof Kropidłowski, sales director at Wood-Mizer Industries.

Raw material Profile Thickness / Width (mm)
BSC1732 10/30, 9/29 1,00 x 32
BSC1735 10/30, 9/29 1,00 x 35
BSC1740 10/30, 9/29 1,00 x 40
BSC2732 10/30, 9/29 1,07 x 32
BSC2735 10/30, 9/29 1,07 x 35
BSC3732 10/30, 9/29 1,14 x 32
BSC3738 10/30, 9/29 1,14 x 38
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