WM1000 Industrial Sawmill

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Process Massive Logs with Thin-Kerf Efficiency

The WM1000 industrial sawmill is designed to saw large logs up to 1.7 metres in diameter. Durable and easy to use, this sawmill features a saw head with a massive throat opening that moves along a twin-rail frame.

  • Powered sawhead controls
  • Requires low installation costs and requirements.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Construction
  • Electronic Setworks boost Productivity
Description WM1000 Industrial Sawmill

The Wood-Mizer WM1000 saws large softwood, hardwood and tropical logs up to 1.7 metres in diameter. This sawmill uses narrowband, thin-kerf blades to deliver higher log yields than traditional large-log sawing methods.

Heavy-duty, accurate, and easy-to-use, the WM1000 features a massive cutting head that moves along a twin-rail frame to convert large logs into halves, quarters, finished boards, or cants for resawing. The operator controls all cutting functions while standing on a platform that moves with the head and includes electronic setworks for accurate cutting.

The WM1000 uses thin-kerf, narrow band blades that are 50 mm (2") to 75 mm (3") wide, resulting in significantly improved log yield and less wood waste.

Built to last and run effortlessly in industrial applications, it easily integrates into existing operations with low installation costs. Simply extend the rails to cut longer logs.

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Features WM1000 Industrial Sawmill
Specifications WM1000 Industrial Sawmill
Power Selections
Power Selections 22kW electric
30kW electric
37kW electric
Cutting Capacities
Max Width of Cut 170cm (67'")
Max Log Length unlimited, based on rail length
Max Depth of Cut 99cm (39")
Min Log Diameter 30cm (12")
Blade Length 9,800mm (386")
Blade Guides Style Double Block Guides
Blade Lubrication System Two-sided Blade Lubrication
Blade Tension System Hydraulic Tension System
Blade Wheel Diameter 1070mm (42")
Blade Wheel Type Crowned Steel Wheels
Blade Width 50mm (2")
75mm (3")
Head Features & Options
Blade Guide Arm Adjusted with Control Switch
Blade Engagement On/Off Button (Electric Versions)
Head Up/Down Electric Up/Down
Head Forward/Reverse Variable Speed Power Feed
Setworks SW Setworks
Operator Location Ride Along Control Station
Bed Features & Log Handling
Bed Rails 10 m Rails (Set of 2)
Additional Bed Options 5 m Rails Extensions (Set of 2)
Machine Dimensions & Requirements
Delivery Methods Container or truck
Bed Construction Twin Rail
Safety Standards CE
Electrical Requirements 400V 50Hz 3Ph
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