WM4500 Industrial Sawmill

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Robust, High-Performance Industrial Sawmill

Robust, high-performance industrial band sawmill with 30HP electric motor, 1 m log diameter, 6.9 m log length, and 51 mm blade width capacity.

  • 2 Circular Blades. 1 Adjustable Blade.
Description WM4500 Industrial Sawmill

As Wood-Mizer’s next generation flagship industrial sawmill, the WM4500 continues a long tradition of providing commercial sawmilling equipment solutions throughout the world. Featuring many benefits of Wood-Mizer’s world renowned industrial sawmill range, the WM4500 can be used as a primary headrig to saw pallet boards, grade or dimensional timber or to breakdown logs for further processing. Alongside the complete range of Wood-Mizer sawmills, the WM4500 headrig capitalizes on thin-kerf blade technology to produce accurate timber while reducing capital, material, labor, energy, and maintenance costs.

Key innovations of the WM4500 industrial sawmill include:

Sawmill Head

  • 51 mm Blades with Steel Wheels
  • Stronger Head, Mast, and Strain System
  • New 5HP Feed Motor and Larger Up/Down Gearbox
  • High Pressure Blade Lubrication System
  • All New Adjustable Material Drag Back
  • Longer Lasting 76mm Diameter Blade Guide Rollers

Sawmill Bed

  • Improved Construction & Design for Better Durability
  • Reinforced Dual-Rod Side Supports
  • Heavy-Duty Angled Bed Rails
  • 6.4m Cutting Length with Board Removal
  • Pull Down Cinch Clamps for Cants
  • Off-Feed Conveyor & Roller with Suspension

The WM4500 industrial sawmill is backed by the same legendary service, quality, and safety features shared by the entire family of Wood-Mizer wood processing equipment.

Production Capabilities

  • Timber - grade, dimensional, flooring, reclaimed, pallet
  • Cants/beams - pallet stock, truck mats, railroad ties, timber frame, post, fencing
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Features WM4500 Industrial Sawmill
Specifications WM4500 Industrial Sawmill
Power Selections
Power Selections 22kW electric
Cutting Capacities
Max Width of Cut 81.9cm (32 1/4")
Max Log Length 6.85m (22' 6")
Max Depth of Cut 40.5cm (16")
Max Cant Width 76 cm (30")
Blade Length 4,980mm (196")
Blade Guides Style Roller & Double Block Guides
Blade Lubrication System Two-sided Blade Lubrication
Pressurized Injection System
Blade Tension System Hydraulic Tension System
Blade Wheel Diameter 635mm (25")
Blade Wheel Type Belted Blade Wheels
Blade Width 50mm (2")
Blade Guides Size 76mm
Head Features & Options
Laser 1 Laser
Board Removal Board Return System
Log Debarking Optional
Blade Guide Arm Adjusted with Control Switch
Blade Engagement On/Off Button (Electric Versions)
Head Up/Down Electric Up/Down
Head Forward/Reverse Variable Speed Power Feed
Setworks Touchscreen Setworks
Operator Location Enclosed Cabin
Optional Air Conditioning/Heat
Bed Features & Log Handling
Side Supports 3 Dual-Rod Side Supports
Hydraulic Speed Dual Speed Hydraulics activated with foot pedal
Board Removal Conveyor Built-in Board Removal Conveyor
Bed Rails Angled Bedrails
Additional Bed Options Incline Conveyor
Inclined Conveyor
Transfer Deck
Hydraulic Output 57LPM (15GPM)
Cant hold-down clamps 2 Cant Hold-Down Clamps
Log Leveling Powered Leveling Roller
2 Hydraulic Leveling Rollers
Log Turning 2 Bi-directional Chain Turners
Log Loading Log Deck 3.6m (12')
Log Deck 6m (20')
Optional Right Side Log Loading
Log Clamping 1 Floor-mounted Hydraulic Log Clamp
Machine Dimensions & Requirements
Delivery Methods Container or truck
Frame Construction Cantilever
Bed Construction Monorail
Shop Air Supply 110 psi @ 16.5 cfm
Suggested Wire Size 15.24 m (50') Max
Sawdust collection port diameter 150mm (6")
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